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Dear man, dear woman.

It is my deepest wish to help you liberate and awaken your true potential as a man or a woman.

  • Are you longing to awaken your true masculinity and your femininity?
  • Are you open to a meaningful, spiritual and ritual experience?
  • Are you suffering from (sexual) complaints like erectile disfunction, premature ejaculation, low self-esteem or lack of libido?

I can offer you a session in which we explore your life force energy in a profound way. This way you will expand your body, mind and soul and come back to your true nature.

Be ready for your energy to start expanding and flowing.

This sessions is for you if you are ready for the next step in your life.
Maybe you are already familiar with the power of this sessions, maybe this is new for you. Everyone who feels a “yes” inside is welcome.

Because we will be working on the deepest level. A tantric healing session can bring profound healing. By doing a ritual and breathing exercises I will teach you to awaken your life force energy and guide it to the higher chakra’s. I will give you the techniques to do this so you will be able to practise this at home. My sessions are about awareness, we will focus on working with sexual energy in a pure and healing atmosphere. You can read testimonials by my clients to get an idea what my sessions are all about.
We will be working on releasing the body so I can help you with your inhibitions. You will get the opportunity to connect with the wisdom of your body, and your life force energy. I will help you to surrender, so this treatment is a profound experience, that takes place on the soul level. Every treatment is different but you will always leave my session purified and relaxed both physically and spiritually.

You will experience all sorts of feelings, both spiritual and sexual and these feelings are all welcome. I will lead you through this process with my female force so you can surrender completely. This will be an experience you have never had before. An intimate massage of the Lingham and Yoni are included, this is done without any intentions. These sessions are for both men and women.

Reasons for booking a massage:

  • Curiosity about this experience.
  • The wish to (re)connect with your body in a gentle way.
  • The desire to feel your life energy flowing (again).
  • Sexual complaints like erectile disfunction, premature ejaculation, sexual trauma and addictions to porn and sex, etc.
  • Please ask me about any other things that might bother you both sexually and emotionally so I can assess if there is anything that I can do for you with regards to your issue.

It is not a problem if you don’t speak Dutch, we can communicate in English or German.

Things you need to know and understand :

  • The first appointment is always made by phone!
  • You will have to give me your phone number if you want to make an appointment.
  • Appointments are always planned well ahead. I have a busy schedule so it is seldom possible to meet on the same day you call.
  • If you should need to cancel an appointment, do so at least 24 hours before the appointment. Scheduled appointments WILL be charged if you don’t show up.
  • I use oil, and we remove the oil before you leave.
  • Don’t use any body lotion, keep smoking and drinking to a minimum if you must smoke or drink. Remove any earrings or piercings. This will enable me to move around your body freely.
  • This is a profound experience, take some rest after the massage.
  • Although there will be a lot of energy, this is not an erotic massage, don’t ask for happy endings, there will be no exchanging of any sexual or erotic acts. I do not appreciate any hints or acts intended to turn this sacred tantric session into something sexual.

I do my work with the deepest love and dedication.
I am a professionally trained Tantrika.

Would you like to make an appointment? Do you have questions? Please contact me by phone on: 06-26336643 or e-mail :



With Jessica it is a bit like entering heaven. I would like to replace the word “virgin” by “angel”.  During a session, a proces starts, which is not only between the legs, but on a much higher level. So free. So beautiful. Experience unconditional love, without attachement. Looking back without desire. Releasing together.

Dear Jessica , naturally blessed with a gift of empathy and beautiful hands that are able to give an appropriate physical well being that really touch a deeper level.
Receiving an ayurvedic massage by you, is a gift that penetrates deeply and imparts a feeling that is meaningful, substantial and that stays with you also mentally .
Really, as mentioned on the website, given lovingly in appropriate conditions and surrounding ; experienced the last mantra, at the end of the massage, as very special.
Thank you for giving this to me, it felt so familiar and I hope I can experience this again in some time.